MKMMA WEEK 16 Law of Sevens

The law of Seven is spoken about many times in the bible.  Those of us who understand these cycles are not disturbed when things to not go as planned.  We are learning the lessons here and we know that a higher law controls all laws.

What caught my attention is #13 “Premature wealth is but the forerunner of humiliation and disaster, because we cannot permanently retain anything which we do not merit or which we have not earned.”

How many times have we seen those that win the lottery and become wealthy overnight only to lose it in a short period of time.  Now I realize it’s because they have not earned it and since they did not use it for a benefit of many they did not merit to keep it.   Those who wish for money or success need to learn that it must be earned to achieve and maintain it.

Now it is up to us to create mental images with vitality and life so it will grow, develop, expand in order to attract the things necessary for it’s complete development.  With our thoughts being constructive and harmonious we manifest good and this makes our world a better place to live.



The Law of Attraction or the Law of Love.  How wonderful to find that they are one and the same.  Is that not what Jesus told us in so may ways. It is love that imparts vitality to our thoughts and thus enables our thoughts to grow.   Understanding this we can see that to change our thoughts we can help to change the world.

As I am becoming more aware of words and word pictures I learned that words are thoughts and will finally objectify themselves in the form they are given.   This is why we must be so careful in what comes out of our mouth.   The Bible talks about the power of the tongue and how we need to learn to curb it.  I am more determined now to not only curb my tongue but to change my thoughts that will bring harmony, love, abundance and happiness.  I begin this day with love in my heart.   With so many of us doing this …. we are changing lives……..together we are changing the world.

MKMMA WEEK 14 Thought is The Only Reality

A situation that happened several months ago is manifested in this weeks lesson.  My friend in the middle of a long tour of speaking engagements lost his cell phone walking from the car to the hotel check in desk.  He remained calm.  We walked twice back to the car and room to no avail.   When to the store to purchase another  cell phone only to find that he was unable to retrieve any contacts or data.   I was more upset that he was.  His words were “I am just grateful that I can afford to purchase a new phone.”

As I write this, I have just been through a similar situation.  My smart phone went dead.  I was unable to get a new phone because my upgrade was not available until the next day.  It took so long to transfer to a temporary phone and retrieve my numbers only to find out that the transfer came from an old phone and not from my smart phone.   Two days later I was able to purchase a new smart phone, however because of a glitch in my carrier’s network it took 6 hours before my phone was activated. Inspite of all the non productive hours this took, I was able to have the same positive reaction as my friend.  Never did I feel anxious or upset. It’s amazing what we feel in the inside – such peace when we only have positive thoughts.

Man is a reflection of the thoughts that he entertained during his lifetime.  It is stamped on his face, his form, his character, his environment. As I waited in the store I was able to observe how people were reacting to their particular cell phone issues.  Knowledge is powerful.  Now that our eyes are open we can omit the negative and create a whole new inner world.

Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that God will.


What an unexpected week.  I made a last minute decision to fly to New Orleans for Christmas.  As I travel standby and the last to get on board, holidays are the most difficult times to travel.  With love in my heart and positive belief that I would make it, Monday I purchased my ticket at 1030am and off to the airport. Made the 110p flight arriving my connecting city 25 minutes late.  They cleared 5 passengers who miss connected their flight.  I kept on believing, smiling and waiting.   I made the flight with the last seat available.

We know that thinking is a spiritual process. I asked and was blessed.   Luke 11:10 “For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” 

Those of us who are now aware of the creative power of thought are no longer dumbfounded by strange and previously unaccountable phenomena.  We are learning that scientific understanding of Natural Laws that there is nothing supernatural.  It will be found that the creative power of thought gives us the explanation of every condition or experience.

As we move forward into 2014……. a year that filled with Happiness and Harmony……… let us put our knowledge into practice.  We will get exactly that which we give…….but we must give it first to receive it.   So let us begin this day a new life with love in our heart.  I persist.  I win. You persist you win.  You persist you succeed.

MKMMA WEEK 12 – Knowledge, Courage, Faith

First do you have the knowledge of your power, second, the courage to dare and third the faith to do.   With this basis we can create our life… our home, our business, our friends our world within.  I know that this is hard to do, but I am learning that we can do it.  I persist. I succeed.

This week negative thoughts hit me hard………..but I was aware and would not let them stay for more than the 7 seconds it took to change to my positive goal.  Edwin Barnes kept coming to mind and how his burning desire and definite purpose kept him focused on the end results helped me to concentrate on the end results … never mind what was happening at this moment.

I consciously start  the new day with love in my heart which forms the irresistible force called the law of attraction. As I practice this I see that God is so faithful and things begin to happen.

The next thing that jumps out this week is that power comes through repose.  How do we find that place of silence where we can concentrate on deep thoughts that gets us in touch with the Omnipotent power of our subconscious mind?  Persistent practice and concentration lead to perfection. I persist.  I succeed.  I find my infra red sauna a perfect place for deep concentration.

MKMMA WEEK 11 Believe, Faith, Law of Attraction

For years I have known the Bible Verse: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24  I have prayed it many time and our Lord is so faithful and it has come to pass.   The awakening for me was that Mark 11:24 and what Paul said “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”  and  the “law of attraction is the law by which thought correlates with its object” – that all three are the same – just presented in a different form.

The truth is that once we recognize the marvelous power we have in our mind and the fact that we can utilize and direct this power for  every human problem we have.  It’s not just for the special prayers we have but for everything.   When we know the true meaning of things Wisdom begins and this wisdom leads to humility.

The only limitations that we have are those that we place upon ourselves.   The Bible says “whatever you ask” – there is no limitation.  It is up to us to think beyond our wildest dreams and to use the power within us to create a new world without.

MKMMA WEEK 10 Abundance

Abundance is a natural law of nature.  We see it everywhere in nature.  Nature is lavish look at the beautiful spots around the world, the extravagance and wasteful.   The bible even tells us that our creator wants us to live an abundant life.

Then why aren’t we all filled with abundance?   What we are learning in the Master Key System is such an eye opener.   Now we must dig deep and apply the laws that we are learning.   It is the same natural laws that governs electricity, chemical affinity and gravitation.  We have learned that all power is not physical power.  There is mental power, and there is moral and spiritual power.

If I am understanding this correctly Thought is an vital form of dynamic energy that is the Master Key by which we are admitted into the “Secret Place of the Most High”  and through Him the Most High are “given dominion over all things”.  With an understanding of this law, what Jesus said “decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee”  one can see that it can be so.

We must create the ideal and this ideal should be perfect.  Just like the laws governing Electricity – a circuit must be formed and it must be in harmony with the law.   By study and observation of the law we can operate in harmony with the law and it will form a circuit.  This means that our creative thoughts must be harmonious and this leaves no room for destructive or competitive thoughts. So let us put an end to negative thought. There is enough abundance for everyone.  We “get what we give” which is a good reason to  “love our enemies”.      Let us wish the best for everyone including your best thoughts.

Abundance will not just drop down from heaven into our laps.  God does not have a checkbook to write us a check.  We need to have a greater conscious understanding of the law of attraction and with our definite major purpose, with burning desire, determination to carry out this purpose by a natural law of transference the materialization of our desire will come to pass.

How long will it take to see on the white wall a square with a cone on the square base and then watch it turn from black to white, to red to yellow………….this is yet to be determined. I persist until I succeed.